3 ways to never run out of content ideas again

podcast Jun 28, 2021
Never Struggle With What To Post On Instagram Again

I have a question for you and let's be REALLY honest! How many times do you go to share something on Instagram but you get stuck on what to post and either:


  1. A) post poor, low-quality content 




  1. B) panic and don’t post anything?!


Whether you answered A or B, you are NOT alone in this! Everyone has been there at one stage in their journey but creating content is one of the most important steps to build a global brand! Mastering the art of content creation will guarantee that you are producing content that your ideal audience wants to see, if they like what they see, they are more likely to purchase from your business. 


Good content = engaged content

Engaged content = an engaged audience

An engaged audience = customers showing up  

If you master content creation, you will truly be able to grow your brand on Instagram and you will show up so confidently online. Imagine how great it will be to know you are creating content that your ideal customer wants to see! 

I always say that I consider entrepreneurs to be builders, and as builders, we gotta build and expand our brands. We are constantly acquiring new tools to help grow our brand and it’s time to add content creation to our tool belt! One of the most common questions I get in my DM’s and my Private Facebook Group is HOW do I know what to post! Content Creation does NOT need to be the most difficult part of your biz and there are easy ways to fix the struggle!

The biggest mistake I have seen people make is the pressure they put on themselves to create completely unique and original ideas, but here’s a major truth bomb - nearly EVERYTHING you see on the internet is repurposed & recycled! If you take your content ideation from your ideal customer, you’ll be giving them EXACTLY what they want to see! 

If you’re thinking to yourself “but Brodie… I don’t know what my ideal customer wants to see!? What are they thinking?!” Don’t worry, I got your back! Here are 3 INCREDIBLE resources to make sure you never have post paralysis again! 

Direct Communication

This is one of the easiest and most straightforward tips I have yet only 1% of people take this advice… talk directly to your ideal customer!, you can create a Facebook group that requires certain questions to be answered before someone gains access to the content, and you can show up on camera and ASK them! Major companies such as Apple or Nike are constantly doing market research, focus groups, and asking the right questions to make sure their customers are happy with the product… So why aren’t we doing that as online brands?! Communication is key so put on your market research hat and get digging! 


Here are a few suggestions on how to communicate directly with your audience: 

  • Sales calls are incredible to communicate with your audience. An example of this would be offering 5 free 15 minute sales calls in order to gather information from your customers! Hop on the phone with 5 people in your niche and ask relevant questions to determine what you need to know.


  • Ask your customers to complete a survey or poll and reward the people that complete it with a discount or VIP access to products.


Visit Amazon

Yep, THAT Amazon.  

I know, it sounds crazy but if you go on Amazon and read book reviews with the intention of getting market research, you will find incredible results to help serve your audience. Take note of what they wish there was more of, less of, or anything that was missed and then create your content based on those information gaps! 


Answer The Public

I have saved the best for last!!!! This is my all-time favorite resource to use to gather information on what my audience wants to see! This website allows you to type in ANY topic and it collects all the data from Google and other search engines to compile a list of commonly asked questions surrounding that niche! Type in any keyword and get all the details on the Who, What, Where, When, Why of that subject! You will be giving your audience EXACTLY what they want to see... how cool is that?! 

Content creation can be intimidating but with the right tools, it becomes second nature. These resources have been absolute game changers for my business, and it’s been so rewarding to provide the answers to the burning questions my audience has. I KNOW these are going to be useful for YOU and your niche! 

 Stay tuned for more tips on how to build, launch and scale your business. My podcast, Instagram, and the InstaSuccess course will have you generating customers without 10K followers! 

Rooting for you my friend!!!

- Brods

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